Winter 2024 Issue: Europe’s Geostrategic Turn

An illustration showing the geography of the European continent
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A cover illustration showing the European continent
IPQ 1/2024

The 14th issue of INTERNATIONALE POLITIK QUARTERLY focuses on geostrategy.


Henning Hoff

Europe’s Geostrategic Turn

2024 should be the year that sees both Brussels and Berlin start merging geopolitics with strategic thinking.

What Europe Thinks ...

Cover Section

Romana Vlahutin

Europe’s Geostrategic Awakening

Decades of US protection created a false sense of normative superiority in the EU. It also made Europe lose much of its strategic instincts while facing deep-seated systemic deficiencies. Overcoming those will be the key task for 2024.
James Rogers

British Geostrategy and the Defense of Europe

The United Kingdom has not become “unpredictable” or “undependable” as a consequence of Brexit. Rather, its grand strategy suggests a blueprint for containing Russia’s aggression and increasing Europe’s security.
Stefan Meister

Russia’s Geostrategic Shifts

By launching its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Moscow has brought back geopolitics to Europe for good. It’s striking, however, that a country with such limited resources has been able to set the framework within which the Europeans are forced to act.
Sinem Adar

Turkey’s Geostrategy: Opportunism and Dissonance

Under AKP rule, Turkey has attempted to chart an independent course, focusing on the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and Africa while not shying away from confronting the West. But there are limits to this strategy.

Berlin Cable

Henning Hoff

Into the Unknown

2024 will likely test Germany when it comes to its two most important defense and security tasks: helping Ukraine and improving the Bundeswehr.


Carbon Critical

Brussels Briefing

Rebecca Christie

Visible Democracy

The EU’s consensus-driven stumble toward choosing institutional leaders is more democratic than the alternatives.

Indo-Pacific Watch

The Wider View

Constanze Stelzenmüller

Flirting with Dictatorship

The US presidential election in November will be pivotal for America’s role in the world and the future of US democracy.

Quarterly Concerns