Winter 2023 Issue: New Economic World Order

A rainbow is seen over the container ship 'Maersk Genoa' as it sails off the northern coast of Tunisia in the central Mediterranean December 1, 2018.
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Issue #1/2023 - January

The 10th issue of INTERNATIONALE POLITIK QUARTERLY reflects on how the EU can shape the current changes in the global economy.


Henning Hoff

New Economic World Order

The EU can play a key role shaping the current changes of globalization. It should keep its eye on the transatlantic relationship.

What Europe Thinks ...

Luke Johnson

What Europe Thinks ... About Trade

Germans want the EU to shield their companies in similar ways the United States and China do. Transatlantic unity would be preferable, though.

Cover Section

Claudia Schmucker

The World Trade Crisis

Geopolitical and geoeconomic conflicts are mounting, and the EU is responding with renewed vigor in trade agreements.
Alicia García Herrero

The Almighty Dollar?

Global economic changes make it likely that the international monetary system will no longer be so dominated by the dollar. The question, though, is whether the euro or the yuan can take on the baton.

Berlin Cable


Joseph de Weck

No Zeitenwende in Paris

Germany is in the middle of a vibrant debate about its future foreign policy. In France, Macron decides alone.

Carbon Critical

Brussels Briefing

Indo-Pacific Watch

Germany and Eastern Europe

The Wider View

Quarterly Concerns