Fall 2022 Issue: Building a Transatlantic Future

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, US President Joe Biden, pose for an informal group photo sitting during the G7 Summit held at Elmau Castle, in Kruen near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany June 26, 2022.
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Issue #4/2022 - October

The ninth issue of INTERNATIONALE POLITIK QUARTERLY is about seizing the transatlantic moment.


What Europe Thinks ...

Cover Section

Ben Rhodes

“On China, Europe Is Not There”

Transatlantic relations are close but could be closer, says Ben Rhodes, former foreign policy advisor to President Obama. What’s missing is greater alignment on China policy. And there’s also the danger of the US turning into an autocracy.
Sophia Besch
Martin Quencez

Reordering Transatlantic Security

The Russian invasion of Ukraine could lead to a new order for security cooperation between the United States and Europe.
Chris Miller

The EU’s Confused Role in the “Chip War”

While the US and China battle for technological supremacy, the European Commission has been misunderstanding the nature of the struggle. Intervening in supply chains is the wrong approach.
Michael C. Kimmage

Transatlantic Relations in the Asian Century

While the center of economic gravity has already moved to Asia, Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine has reaffirmed Europe’s role as the center stage of international affairs.

Berlin Cable


Joseph de Weck

Europe Needs Macron to Overcome his Fetishisms

For Olaf Scholz, the war in Ukraine underlines the urge to advance with EU enlargement and institutional reform. Emmanuel Macron is hesitant about both—and for once finds himself on the defensive of the European agenda.

Carbon Critical

Noah J. Gordon

Finally, a US Climate Bill

EU trade officials might be up in arms about aspects of the US Inflation Reduction Act, but it offers the best opportunity for transatlantic climate cooperation in years.

Brussels Briefing

Rebecca Christie

The Energy President

The current energy crisis may well decide Ursual von der Leyen’s legacy as European Commission president.

Russia’s War Against Ukraine

Stefan Meister

Elements of Containing Russia

A robust containment policy vis-à-vis Moscow is needed; the most important element of which is continued support for Ukraine. But a completely isolated Russia should not be the other aim.

Feminist Foreign Policy and Beyond

Eirliani Abdul Rahman
Jesse Bump

Time for a Fair Foreign Policy

The concept of feminist foreign policy is flawed and needs to be broadened. Fair foreign policy is an alternative approach that could be less polarizing and achieve better outcomes.

Indo-Pacific Watch

Helena Legarda

Germany’s Shaky Turn to the Indo-Pacific

While Berlin has become more engaged in the region, it still has no clear strategy on how to approach it. Old principles guiding the Germany-China relationship are getting in the way.

The Wider View

Quentin Peel

Truss Trouble

There are two schools of thought when it comes to new British Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Quarterly Concerns

Tonia Mastrobuoni

Meloni’s Complicated Victory

Giorgia Meloni and her Brothers of Italy have won big–but not big enough to easily change Italy’s democratic path.