Fall 2021 Issue: Europe Eyes the Indo-Pacific

French Navy Rafale fighter jets are seen from the bridge of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle at Changi Naval Base in Singapore, May 28, 2019.
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French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in Singapore harbor, 2019
IPQ 4/2021

In the fifth issue of INTERNATIONALE POLITIK QUARTERLY we're focusing on Europe's engagement with the Indo-Pacific.


Henning Hoff

Europe Eyes the Indo-Pacific

While the focus of world politics is shifting to the Indo-Pacific, the Europeans are caught underprepared.

What Europe Thinks ...

Cover Section

Jacob Mardell

Global Gateway

To answer the challenge of China’s BRI, the EU needs to form a clearer picture of where the BRI is succeeding.

Afghanistan Special

Berlin Cable


Carbon Critical

The Wider View

Quarterly Concerns

Claudia Major
Nicolai von Ondarza

Afghanistan, AUKUS, and Albion

Forget about the UK’s soul searching about Afghanistan—to the EU’s surprise, AUKUS seems to show that Global Britain can deliver.